The Immortal Friend

O friend,

Tell me of God

Where is He, by what means do I find Him

Among what claims in what abodes?

Tell me, I am weary


Read the Vedas,

Do tapas, meditate

Perform rites and ceremonies

Practise austerities and renounce,

Pray at this temple, among flowers and incense

Bathe in the sacred rivers,

Visit the holy places,

Be a devotee and pure of intelligence

In Kailas is His abode

There you will find Him, cried many


Obey the Law,

Take refuge in the order,

Kill not, steal not and commit no sin

Go to the shrine

Enter Nirvana –

There you will find Him, cried many


Read the Holy Book,

Pray at His Church – there be many –

This Church will lead to Him but beware of that,

Serve, Sacrifice,

Do not judge be merciful,

In Heaven is His throne –

There you will find Him, cried many


Read the only Book

of the only God,

Visit His abode on earth,

Pray at the mosque,

At the setting of the sun worship Him

Bahist is His abode –

There you will find Him, cried many


Work, work for humanity,

Serve, Serve your fellow- creature

Follow this but beware of that path,

Do the will of God,

Follow blindly for I hold the key to His abode,

Grasp this opportunity that He offers you,

Sorrow and happiness lead to Him,

If you do this, your search will end –

Then you will find Him, shouted many.


I am weary, tired by the passage of time,

Travelling on no path, I have come to Thee,

Thou hast revealed Thyself to me.


O! Thou art the round stone

That grinds the rice in the peaceful village

Amidst songs and laughter,

Thou art the graven image

That man worship in temples,

With chants and solemn music,

Thou art the dead leaf

That lies torn on the dusty road,

Trodden by the weary traveller.

Thou art the solitary pine

That stands majestic

On that lovely hill.


Thou art the lame and mangy creature

That comes to my poor,

With a hunted look, hungry,

That man abhor.

Thou art the mighty elephant

That is gently robed,

Carrying the nobles of the land.


Thou art the naked beggar

That wanders from house to house,

Weakly crying for alms.

Thou art the great of the land

That are rich in possessions and looks,

That are well fed and satisfied.

Thou art the priest of all temples

That are learned, proud and certain.

Thou art the harlot, the sinner, the saint and the heretic.


My search is at an end.

in Thee I behold all things

I myself, am God.




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